Become a Performance-based Hiring Coach Using our Win-Win Hiring Learning Platform

Train your recruiters and hiring managers to attract, recruit, interview and close more outstanding diverse talent.

Become a Performance-based Hiring Expert User and Coach

Our self-paced The Hiring Manager Combo Course course is a low-cost and proven approach for interviewing candidates for any role. Here’s what one CEO said after taking the course and using it to hire a COO:

"SUPERLATIVE. Logical, well-articulated, clear, rational and completely practicable."

Scaling it company-wide requires a strong coach to guide hiring managers through the learning process and helping them conducting their first interviews. Becoming a certified Performance-based Hiring Coach, or CFA (Coach, Facilitator, Admin for the LMS) starts with a quick phone call.

Impact of Performance-based Hiring


Low cost scalable process for sourcing, recruiting and interviewing the strongest talent


Reduces hiring mistakes AND increases interviewing accuracy

The performance qualified assessment approach opens the talent pool to more diverse and high potential talent

Interviewer bias is exposed, controlled and eliminated


Prospects are offered career-based planning tools

Implementing Performance-based Hiring

Using our Win-Win Hiring Learning Platform (THM)

Step 1: Embedded Search

Demo proof to exec team via senior level search project with hands-on training.

Step 2: Recruiter Training

Online and onsite Performance-based Hiring certification training.

Step 3: Facilitator Training

Develop expert users our Win-Win Hiring Learning Platform to ensure adoption & success.

Step 4: Train Hiring Managers

Rollout Win-Win Hiring mapping to actual hiring needs and track results.

Step 5: Integrate with ATS

Modify hiring process and embed interview guides and scorecard.

Step 6: Scale Internally

Monitor progress and performance. Build library of job profiles.

"It has now been one year since we changed our recruitment approach to Performance-based Hiring...

...and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

K.C., Procom

Performance-based Hiring
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