New Advances in Self-paced Learning: The Hiring Machine

by Lou Adler

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Impact of Performance-based Hiring

  • Low cost scalable process for sourcing, recruiting and interviewing the strongest talent
  • Reduces hiring mistakes AND increases interviewing accuracy
  • The performance qualified assessment approach opens the talent pool to more diverse and high potential talent
  • Interviewer bias is exposed, controlled and eliminated
  • Prospects are offered career-based planning tools


Learning and Implementation Process for the C/F/A

We suggest that companies interested in implementing Performance-based Hiring company-wide start by assigning key personnel to participate in the Coach/Facilitator/Admin learning program. This involves a series of weekly follow-up sessions as participants learn and apply the course materials. Contact us directly for more information on how to implement this program at your company.

Sample Lesson: Preview The Hiring Machine

The Coach/Facilitator/Admin Implementation Program

The benefits of Performance-based Hiring have been well established. However, it’s important to have expert users in the company to ensure high adoption rates and successful implementation. This the role of the Coach/Facilitator/Admin role. In some cases, one person handles all of these roles but sometimes it’s better to split them organizationally to achieve better results.

  • An Admin is essential for signing up users, tracking performance and organizing weekly sessions.
  • A Facilitator is very familiar with the course materials, can answer basic questions and lead course debriefing sessions.
  • A Coach can implement the tools and techniques covered in the training including preparing performance-based job descriptions, leading panel interviews and debriefing sessions, and negotiating and closing offers.

Implementing Performance-based Hiring

Using The Hiring Machine Learning Platform (THM)


Step 1: Embedded Search

Demo proof to exec team via senior level search project with hands-on training.


Step 2: Recruiter Training

Online and onsite Performance-based Hiring certification training.


Step 3: Facilitator Training

Develop expert users for The Hiring Machine to ensure adoption & success.


Step 4: Train Hiring Managers

Rollout THM mapping to actual hiring needs and track results.


Step 5: Integrate with ATS

Modify hiring process and embed interview guides and scorecard.


Step 6: Scale Internally

Monitor progress and performance. Build library of job profiles.

Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems

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