10 Commonsense Ideas for Disrupting the Hiring Process

Lou Adler contends that seeing and hiring stronger talent is not about being more efficient, but about being different. His wild 'n crazy idea is a fundamental re-engineering of a company's entire hiring process with Performance-based Hiring as the new foundation. While radical on the surface, after a few successful hires, you'll discover it's just commonsense and you'll wonder why you waited so long. 
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  1. Stop unqualified candidates from applying by putting duct tape over the “Apply Now” button and add this two-step instead.
  2. To eliminate bias and increase assessment accuracy never meet a candidate in person again until you’ve conducted this exploratory phone screen.
  3. Compete on growth not compensation by offering everyone a minimum 30% non-monetary increase.
  4. Throw away your competency models and replace your skills-infested job descriptions with job branding and a list of 5-6 key performance objectives (KPOs).
  5. Implement a scarcity of talent acquisition strategy that focuses on attracting the best rather than one designed to weed out the weak.
  6. Don't let any hiring manager interview another candidate again unless they're correct 80% of the time. Instead, they must pass this course first.
  7. Shift to a performance qualified assessment process to measure quality of hire, raise the talent bar, increase job satisfaction and slash turnover. The best way to do this is attend our next online Performance-based Hiring certification course starting July 12th.
  8. Convert networking from art to science emphasizing diversity, referrals and passive candidates. 
  9. Stop everything immediately, right now, and implement all of the above if you ever need to interview more than four candidates to hire one outstanding person!
  10. The 10th is more audacious than all of the rest combined.

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