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Basic Performance-based Interview Playbook

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The series of lessons in this course cover how to prepare a performance-based job description and conduct an in-depth Performance-based interview. If you have access to the full Essentials program you'll find another course covering the sourcing and recruiting process. Collectively, these lessons cover all you'll need to get started using Performance-based Hiring.

The Basics of Conducting a Performance-based Interview
● Overview - Introduction to Performance-based Hiring
● The Hiring Manager's Critical Recruiting Role
● Creating Performance-based Job Descriptions
● Intro: The Performance-based Interview
● Conducting the Work History Review
● Asking the Most Significant Accomplishment (MSA) Question
● Conducting the Panel Interview - An Interactive Lesson
● Make the Hiring Decision Using the Quality of HIre Talent Scorecard
● The Hiring Machine Mobile Digital Application


Core Interviews
● Complete 8-Step Performance-based Interview
● Exploratory Phone Screen to Engage Passive Candidates
● Phone Interview to Screen Active Candidates
Interview Tools
● Organizing The Interview - Assigning Roles to Hiring Team Members
● Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard - Automated
● Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard - Basic
● The NO 2S! Table and Training Guide
Specialized Interviews
● Job and Culture Fit Role - Performance-based Interview Guide
● Organizational Role - Performance-based Interview Guide
● Panel Interview - Performance-based Hiring Guide
● Project Management Role - Performance-based Interview Guide
● Sales Consultative Role - Performance-based Interview Guide
● Soft Skills Role - Performance-based Interview Guide
● Team Role - Performance-based Interview Guide
● Technical Role - Performance-based Interview Guide
Job Descriptions
● Performance-based Job Description Framework Worksheet
● Performance-based Job Description Framework Worksheet - Automated
● Performance-based Job Descriptions - Handbook

Rocketfuel for People Who Hire

Just some of the things you'll continue to learn as part of Lou's ongoing program.

Attract Stronger Talent

Learn how to bring better people into your recruitment funnel and from there into your workforce.

Increase Assessment Accuracy

Find out how to get clear insight into the people you are considering for a position in your company.

Avoid Underperformers

Discover the right questions and methods to weed out short term stars that fall to the ground quickly.

Eliminate Interviewer Bias

Eliminating interviewer bias is essential if your goal is to build a company focused on performance..

Hire More Diverse Talent

Reach out and make sure everybody has a chance in whatever you're building for the future.

Legally Validated

Our methods have been reviewed and certified by top legal authorities in human resources.

Here's what the course looks like

Overview: This Performance-based Interview course is a key step in the entire Performance-based Hiring process. By preparing a performance-based job description that defines the job as 5-6 KPOs (Key Performance Objectives) and digging deep into the candidates major comparable accomplishments you’ll be able to accurately predict on-the-job performance.


How the Performance-based Interview can be used to assess performance, motivation and fit and establish the job as a true career move.

The Role of the Hiring Manager

Recruiting top tier talent requires a hiring manager who understands how to conduct an interview with two equal buyers.

The Performance-based Job Description

It’s what a person does with what she/he has that makes the person successful.

The Performance-based Interview

Quick review of the key questions, how to overcome interviewer bias and using evidence to predict performance.

Work History Review

Assess the person’s general fit and if the person is a high potential performer.

The Most Significant Accomplishment Question

The best interview question of all time to compare the candidate’s accomplishments to the KPOs.

The Panel Interview

A well-organized panel interview can increase assessment accuracy, lessen the impact of first impression bias and train weaker interviewers.

Making the Yes/No Hiring Decision

Using our Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard as part of a formal debriefing session you’ll be able to accurately predict on-the-job performance.

The Hiring Machine Digital Application

We made a mobile version of this entire course as a quick refresher with instant tips and advice.

Based on the Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired

Much of the course material is based on and covered in Lou Adler's Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired.

I've taken 40 years of the best recruiting tips, tools and advice and crammed all of it into this learning platform. You're going to love it or your money back.

Lou Adler

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