New Advances in Self-paced Learning: The Hiring Machine

by Lou Adler

Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems

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Self-paced Interviewing and Recruiting Training

for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

The Hiring Machine

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Performance-based Hiring

We’re excited to bring you our self-paced Performance-based Hiring training for Recruiters and Hiring Managers program. The "Hiring Essentials" core course is now ready for pre-launch purchase and evaluations. This foundational program covers:

  • Intro to Performance-based Hiring
  • Preparing a performance-based job description
  • Conducting the two-question Performance-based Interview
  • Using the Quality of Hiring Talent Scorecard

Contact Us: Our Intensive Recruiter course covering Talent Centric Sourcing and Recruiting and Closing is just weeks away.
Of course our live onsite and online courses are still just a click away.
We still have a few spots left for companies who want to conduct a simple proof of concept using Performance-based Hiring. The idea: Just compare quality of hire using Performance-based Hiring to what you’re now doing today.