New Advances in Self-paced Learning: The Hiring Machine

by Lou Adler

Getting Started with Performance-based Hiring

Self-paced Training for Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Everyone Who Interviews Candidates

Conducting the Performance-based Interview

This is the “essential” course for hiring managers and recruiters who want to accurately predict on-the-job performance and cultural fit. It describes how to prepare a performance-based job description, how to conduct an exploratory phone screen and a full onsite interview and how to predict Quality of Hire. The resources including 12 different interview guides, a very cool digital app and a handbook of 25+ different performance profiles.

Cost: $300 for 90 days
(with an optional $360 12-month extension)

Sourcing, Networking and Recruiting

This is the "The Master Course for Passive Candidate Recruiting." The sourcing topics cover how to identify prequalified talent using Boolean searching, leveraging LinkedIn to get great referrals and writing compelling messages to maximize response rates. The recruiting lessons cover overcoming objections and negotiating offers. The resources include tools to create customized sourcing plans, a Boolean cheat sheet and a template helping candidates realize your offer is the best!

Cost: $175 for 90 days
(with an optional $360 12-month extension)

The Complete Performance-based Hiring Program

This course covers the entire Performance-based Hiring from beginning to end including more lessons, tools, techniques and resources than in our basic courses. This is the program we recommend for full-cycle recruiters handling mission-critical and executive level roles. While the online course is available as a standalone program, we recommend combining it with our four-part live online Performance-based Hiring workshop. This accelerates learning and impact.

Cost: $950 as a standalone course
($1250 with this live online course)