New Advances in Self-paced Learning: The Hiring Machine™

by Lou Adler

Course Catalog

Hiring the Strongest Talent Starts by Learning
How the Experts Do It

Advanced Sourcing and Recruiting 2.0

The course fee of $175 provides access for 90 days including an extensive library of resources. Upon completion you'll have the option to extend the course for an additional 12 months for $360.
Cost: $175

An Intro to Using Performance-based Hiring

Performance-based Hiring is a complete business process for hiring bar-raising talent by integrating sourcing, interviewing and recruiting into one seamless system.
Cost: $0

Basics: Conducting the "Win-Win Hiring" Interview

This course enables hiring managers, recruiters and everyone who interviews candidates to better predict Win-Win Hiring outcomes. This is where the candidate and the hiring manager both agree it was the right decision one year after starting.
Cost: $300

Conducting an Exploratory Phone Screen

See more passive candidates, hire stronger talent,  reduce bias, save time and make sure the recruiter and hiring manager are in alignment using this performance-based exploratory phone screen. 
Cost: $90

Preparing the Performance-based Job Description

Clarifying expectations and defining successful performance improves quality of hire by expanding the talent pool to include more diverse and high potential talent who have a different mix of skills.
Cost: $150

Summary: The Complete "Win-Win Performance-based Hiring Program

This is the summary version of the complete Performance-based Hiring Course. It contains all of the foundational lessons assigned as pre-work for the live workshop plus some additional important lessons and access to all of the same resources.
Cost: $475

The Complete Performance-based Hiring System

This course covers the entire Performance-based Hiring system including preparing performance profiles, “small batch” sourcing, the complete performance-based interviewing process and recruiting and closing.
Cost: $950

The Hiring Machine Mobile Digital Application

This is a one-year access condensed version of the entire Performance-based Interview process to be used on your smartphone. The video  lesson describes the process and how to use the digital cards in the Mobile Performance-based Hiring Digital section.
Cost: $30

The Hiring Machine Complete Catalog

The entire Performance-based Hiring online learning platform The Hiring Machine Catalog.