Remove the Sourcing Blinders to Reach the Entire Talent Market



For every person who applies to a job who is skills and experience qualified there are 100 times as many people who are performance qualified who don't apply.

Performance qualified means they can do the work.

Performance qualified is determined by preparing a performance-based job description.

Performance qualified means they have the right mix of skills and experiences to do the work, but it's often different than what's listed on the job description.

Performance qualified broadens the pool to more diverse candidates and more non-traditional candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, religion and physical challenges.

Performance qualified expands the talent pool 100X while improving quality of hire and on-the-job performance.

The investment in performance qualified hires has an ROI impact of over 1000%.

Here’s more information describing the differences between performance qualified and skills qualified. The video describes how to find people who are performance qualified.