This is a very unusual post. I decided to create a lesson to introduce the concept. This specific lesson is from my new online self-paced Performance-based Hiring training program. It covers the most important thing you must do to remove your company's self-imposed lid on quality of hire. At the end of the actual lesson you'll find the legal validation for using Performance-based Hiring and why Harvard Professor Todd Rose considers Performance-based Hiring the only hiring process that fully captures the essence of human performance.

In the session I cover the importance of using Performance Profiles, aka performance-based job descriptions, to define the job, rather than traditional skills-based job descriptions. The reason this is so important is that there are some great people who can successfully do the work but who have a different mix of skills and experiences. It would be counterproductive, also dumb, to eliminate them from consideration. These great people being overlooked include all diverse candidates who by definition have a different skill set. It also includes all high potential candidates who learn faster and achieve more with less experience. As important, using a skills- and experience-based criteria eliminates all of the people who have ever been promoted since the purpose of the promotion was to gain some additional skills and experiences. In this multi-part lesson you'll discover that by shifting to a performance qualified attraction and assessment process you'll quickly be able to raise the talent bar at your company.