In this webcast I make the case that there are two job markets: the hidden market before jobs are posted online and the public job market where jobs are posted online for all to see. Both markets are equal in size, but the better jobs are in the hidden market. However, to find a job in the hidden market you need to learn how to network and get referred. In the video I show how this is done.

This is a companion to the piece I wrote about recently describing why applying to online jobs is a waste of time. A 20/20/60 job hunting plan increases your odds you'll find a better job. The point: don't spend more than 20% of your effort responding to job postings. Spend another 20% making sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are easy to find. The remaining 60% is building a network to help you find jobs in the hidden market.

While networking takes a lot of work, there are two HUGE benefits -

1) you don't need to be a perfect match on skills and experiences

2) the jobs themselves are not cookie cutter jobs, but have the potential to be significant career opportunities

So the choice is yours, waste your time hoping to find a decent job, or build a network to help you build a career.


Lou Adler (@LouA) is the CEO of The Adler Group, a consulting and training firm helping companies implement Performance-based Hiring. He's also a regular columnist for Inc. Magazine and BusinessInsider. His latest book, The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired (Workbench, 2013), provides hands-on advice for job-seekers, hiring managers and recruiters on how to find the best job and hire the best people. You can continue the conversation on LinkedIn's Essential Guide for Hiring Discussion Group.