The Basics of Performance-based Hiring

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Welcome to the Basics of Performance-based Hiring Job Analysis and Interviewing Course

This self-paced online course consists of the following lessons:

How to Measure, Predict and Improve Quality of Hire → Go to lesson
The Hiring Manager's Critical Recruiting Role → Go to lesson
Determining the Major Performance Objectives → Go to lesson
Use the "Process of Success" to Define Key Substask → Go to lesson
Creating the Employee Value Proposition Using Employee Branding → Go to lesson
intro: The Performance-based Interview → Go to lesson
10 Tips for Controlling Bias → Go to lesson
Conducting the Work History Review → Go to lesson
Asking the Most Significant (MSA) Question → Go to lesson
Interactive Fact-finding for the Traits in the Hiring Formula for Success → Go to lesson
Organize the Interview by Roles to Assess the Fit Factors → Go to lesson
Conducting the Panel Interview - An Interactive Lesson → Go to lesson
Making the Yes/No Hiring Decision Using the Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard → Go to lesson